For Weekly Inspiration – A to F Week 3

This Week’s GOSPEL PASSAGE: John 2:13-22

Questions to Ponder [adapted from Ashes to Fire Adult Bible Study Guide]

  • Are you surprised or uncomfortable with Jesus’ anger in this passage? Why or why not?
  • What was it specifically about the seller’s actions that Jesus was so angry about?
  • This passage takes place as the people are preparing for Passover. 
      • What were the Israelites called to remember during the Passover?
      • In this context, how are the actions of the sellers and money exchangers an offense?
  • Are there other times in the Scripture that you see Jesus get angry or speak aggressively?
      • What were the circumstances that surrounded Jesus’ anger?

Record your thoughts in your Ashes to Fire journal. 

Life Application [adapted from Ashes to Fire Adult Bible Study Guide]

  • How would you describe “righteous anger”?  Can you share a few examples of righteous anger?
  • What are some examples of inappropriate anger? 
      • What is usually associated with inappropri­ate anger?
  • What can you do to eliminate inappropriate anger in your life?

For additional Scripture reading and study:

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