For Weekly Inspiration – A to F Week 4

This Week’s GOSPEL PASSAGE: John 3:14-21

Questions to Ponder [adapted from Ashes to Fire Adult Bible Study Guide]

  • In the passage of Scripture for this week, John makes reference to a story in Numbers 21:4-9. It is about venomous snakes and a bronze snake on a pole.  How does this Old Testament story parallel the life and mission of Christ?
  • Also, how is light an appropriate description for who Jesus is and what he does?
  • Does this passage tell us about God’s nature?  If you think it does, what does it tell you?

Record your thoughts in your Ashes to Fire journal. 

Life Application [adapted from Ashes to Fire Adult Bible Study Guide]

  • Was your initial confession that “Jesus is Lord” different from your daily confession that “Jesus is Lord”?  If yes, how are they different? If no, how are they the same?
  • If, from time to time, we question our faith or wrestle with doubt, do you think God condemns us for it? Why or why not?  How else might God respond?

For additional Scripture reading and study:

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