Are You Heartsick and Battle Weary?

The First Place 4 Health Bible study book we are using for the support group this fall/winter is entitled The Power of Hope. The “Week Two” chapter is “Heartsick and Battle Weary” and the Scripture verse is from Proverbs 13:12, which states “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, But a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”

Even though we are not slaves to the Egyptian taskmasters, daily life and relationships can take a lot out of us. This chapter reminds us that we need to be honest with ourselves about the role we have played in getting us to where we are today… both good and bad. When we are feeling defeated, Exodus 3:7 reminds us that God hears our cries and is concerned about our suffering. Much of this chapter revolves around Psalm 107.…

Psalm 107 presents a number of scenarios [someone who is lost, is in darkness, is rebellious, or is tossed to and fro] where we can see a pattern emerge. People, in distress, cry out to God, He hears them and delivers them from their suffering, and the people in return give thanks to God for His unfailing love. May we remember to cry out to God when we are in need. May we wait upon the Lord for His deliverance. May we remember that He loves us and seeks only what is good for us. May the Lord fulfill our deepest longings.

First Place 4 Health, “The Power of Hope.” Bible Study Series (2010), Gospel Light, Ventura, CA.

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