River Run Church of the Nazarene Annual Report

Organic Church Focus: River Run has been studying about the organic church model for Christian ministry. The model builds upon relationships… with God and with people. We recently began to implement this approach by focusing upon the relationships we have developed with others. All of our outreach and ministry efforts emphasize the Bible, are Christ-centered, and are needs based or service oriented. Our Sunday service time is spent in an in-depth study of the Scriptures. We are currently working to establish two organic church group sites, hoping our efforts will evolve into a multi-site network of small organic church groups under the River Run Church of the Nazarene’s organizational umbrella.

Compassionate Ministries to our community: River Run continues to emphasize compassionate ministry and community outreach. The Watershed Project focuses upon helping people in our area that are in need of food. In 2014, we offered an educational program on raised bed and container gardening. In addition, River Run set up four raised bed kits and used multiple containers to produce vegetables for use in our community dinners or to give away to others who were in need. Our food pantry assisted four households in 2014. We ran four free community dinners and began a limited distribution of meals to individuals who were unable to attend. We gave away over 100 pounds of garden produce during the growing season and preserved or stored additional garden produce for later use in our free community dinners.

Other compassionate outreach efforts: In the spring of 2014, we kicked off a Christ-centered health and wellness series. As a result, River Run continues to assist with an informal fitness group that meets each week. In addition, River Run routinely gives away personal care items and activity or school packs for children. We expect these types of outreach efforts will continue.

Future plans: River Run also plans to continue our outreach efforts to improve the food security and general health of people in our community. We hope to expand our raised bed and container gardening efforts in 2015. Additionally, we are convinced that continuing to implement the organic church model will strengthen River Run’s ability to reach others for

About riverrunchurch

The River Run Church is affiliated with the International Church of the Nazarene. We are located in the North Central Mission Area of the Maine District.
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