River Run Church of the Nazarene Annual Report – Spring 2016

Annual Report to the Maine District Church of the Nazarene’s District Assembly – [prepared April 2016]

River Run continues to emphasize compassionate ministry and community outreach.  Our Watershed Project encompasses several efforts that focus upon helping people in our area that are in need of food.

Currently these food related ministries include:

  • a small supplemental food pantry
  • raise bed and container gardening and the community raised bed gardening project
  • free community fellowship dinners
  • a gleaning project with plans for a food distribution system
  • a garden harvest series and other garden related educational offerings.

In addition, we would like to establish a small individual and/or family farmer’s market.  We hope this effort could help fund some of River Run’s food related ministries.

A couple of recent highlights include that:

  • River Run is being acknowledged, by area health and medical service providers, as being a valued faith based hunger relief organization and community partner. We have received a small grant to offer a four part garden harvest series.  This funding will also equip River Run to be able to preserve our own garden’s harvest.
  • We have just been notified that our funding request to establish a small raised bed community garden at the Detroit Town Hall has been approved. In addition, we will be collaborating with our local library’s family garden program to target additional families and children in need of food.

River Run’s Parent Affiliated Congregation [PAC]

River Run Online Organics has just been registered as a Parent Affiliated Congregation [PAC] and Organic Church under the River Run.  Just as we are working to develop a more traditional organic church network, River Run recently reaffirmed our desire to birth an online organic church network as well.  River Run Online Organics is a collection of online organic groups.  Each group has a leader, is Christ-centered, focuses upon building relationships… with each other and with God, and also seeks to explore, share, and discuss the Scriptures together.

We believe our online organic groups are producing fruit and are reaching people who would otherwise not have a church home or connection to a Christian community.  We have been tracking active participation in the online groups throughout the year.  We are prepared to report on these efforts under the new “parent affiliated congregation” designation.  We are open to how God may choose to use this ministry approach to reach out to others and to grow Christlike disciples.  Additionally, we are committed to adapt proven discipleship activities for use in an online or social media environment.  We are exploring a road less traveled with this new work and hope you will embrace this opportunity with us.

About riverrunchurch

The River Run Church is affiliated with the International Church of the Nazarene. We are located in the North Central Mission Area of the Maine District.
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