Reflections… a Scripture verse and inspiration for daily living [8/12/18]
Passage: Psalm 102:19-28
Verse: Psalm 102:28 (NIV)
The children of your servants will live in your presence;
their descendants will be established before you.

When we gather to worship and serve the Lord, it is pleasing to Him.  We are but a grain of sand in all of God’s creation, yet He chooses to work in and through us.  While our days on earth are few, let us be open to how He wants to use us.  We should not underestimate the influence we can have upon others for Him, as individuals or a part of the Body of Christ.

It is a blessing when the Lord allows us to see how we have positively touched the lives of those around us.  As Christlike disciples, may the love of the Lord shine through us to those in need.  May we be humbled in knowing that the Lord has chosen to use us to reach the lost souls of this world… right here, right now! (inspired by Reflecting God – Devotions for Holy Living, WordAction Publishing Company)

About riverrunchurch

The River Run Church is affiliated with the International Church of the Nazarene. We are located in the North Central Mission Area of the Maine District.
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