Reflections… a Scripture verse and inspiration for daily living [9/10]
Passage: Genesis 2:4-17
Verse: Genesis 2:17 (NIV 2011)
“[Y]ou must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.”

Have you ever wished you could return to the innocence of your youth?  In today’s devotional message, we are reminded that God created Adam as the perfect man.  He was a man who was “holy, righteous, and pure.”  Adam and Eve’s willing disobedience caused a break in their relationship with a holy God.  For individuals born to the generations that followed, many have yearned to be restored to life in that perfect state.  However, we know we live in a broken world that is ravaged by sin and selfishness.  May we recapture the innocence of our youth by turning from unrighteousness toward holy and selfless living.  May we, through the grace of God, practice those things that set us apart, make us holy, and equip us for His service.  May we also experience the unmistakable joy found in a growing relationship with God. (inspired by Reflecting God – Devotions for Holy Living, WordAction Publishing Company)

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The River Run Church is affiliated with the International Church of the Nazarene. We are located in the North Central Mission Area of the Maine District.
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