“Let Me Put on My Lipstick” – Transfiguration Sunday [3/3/2019]

Today’s Passage: Luke 9:28-36

Opening Prayer: Father God, there are many things in this world that confuse or frighten us. May we learn to trust You to provide the answers to our prayers and to protect us from whatever might seek to harm us. May we see Your guiding light in a world that is so often full of physical or emotional pain and spiritual darkness. Open our eyes to Your endless love and abundant grace. May the Holy Spirit transform us and draw us ever closer to Your Son, Jesus Christ. In the precious name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

Opening Song: NEEDTOBREATHE – “Multiplied” [Official Video]

Message [used with permission from A Sermon for Every Sunday]: “Let Me Put on My Lipstick” for Transfiguration Sunday, by Father Michael Renninger, Pastor of Saint Mary’s Catholic Church in Richmond, Virginia.
In this Sunday’s sermon from Luke 9:28-36 Michael Renninger tells the story of a mother who was dying of cancer, and yet still seemed to care more about her daughters than herself. “I’ll bet you have known people like this,” Renninger says: “people who are suffering, struggling, perhaps even facing death. We think we’re taking care of them, but they are really taking care of us! No matter how they are feeling physically, their love is radiating and they carry themselves with grace and beauty.” Renninger reminds us that Jesus does this at his Transfiguration. What about you? Can you allow that same radiance to shine forth from your life, no matter what you are going through?

or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPHUJQDeZ80

Closing Song: Hannah Kerr – Radiate (Official Music Video)

Closing Prayer: Accepting God’s love transforms us. We are made beautiful in His eyes. Father God, how blessed we are that You have chosen to create something awesome in us. It is Your plan – that we may be raised up to new life and transformed into the likeness of Your Son! Praise Your holy name! May Your love flow, from us, to the world around us. As we read the Scriptures, we get a glimpse of what a resurrected life might be like. May the future hope we have found, through Christ, be seen by others. May they choose to believe in Him… and receive. Amen.

Epilogue: He has made us worthy! Now, go shine! Be Radiant!
Nia Arnold – Radiant

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