Our Goals

  • Goals for the current Church Year and beyond:
    •  Organic Church Focus: The model builds upon relationships… with God and with people. All of our outreach and ministry efforts emphasize the Bible, are Christ-centered, and are needs based or service oriented. Our Sunday service time is spent in an in-depth study of the Scriptures.
      • Establish other Bible study/organic church groups. We intend for these groups to:
        • evolve into a multi-site network of small organic church groups under the River Run Church of the Nazarene’s organizational umbrella.
        • gather together, as a larger group, periodically throughout the church year for worship, fellowship, Bible study, and relationship building.
    • Develop online study/church group[s]… possibly via Facebook groups, WordPress blogs, YouTube video clips, and/or Google+ hangouts/chats,
    • Continue to develop and refine the Home, Hearth & Health structure.  It is helping us organize our ministries.
      • Home
      • Hearth
      • Health

Initial Goal was:

  • Become a fully established and recognized Church of the Nazarene[incorporating and aligning with International Church of the Nazarene]